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Mortgage Specific Phone Call Monitoring and Skills Improvement

Introducing Qori: Machine learning to harness the data in voice and text communications to power more conversions.

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Great decisions are based on great data. Machine Learning and data rationalization makes it possible to use the data in your calls to ensure your company operates within legal guidelines, creates workflows in your CRM and automatically coaches employees in the areas they need to develop and grow.

Qortel speech analytics and language modeling was designed specifically to monitor conversations about mortgages for possible regulatory or brand guideline violations. Qortel augments our AI with call center agents who review out of compliance calls for unequaled risk identification and to send text alerts to clients so they may take immediate action.

CRM Adherence
Qortel feeds your CRM with all the data your team collects and shares on every call, sets up workflows and provides outbound click-to-call capabiities to your CRM. 

Trainging and Coaching
Training alone improves behavior change by 21%. Training with a coaching program improves learning and retention by 88%. Thats the power of automated self-assessments. Best of all, QorCoaching uses your QA form and guidlines. Find out what impact QorTraining and QorCoaching will have our your conversion rate with Qortel's personalized Benchmark Report.


Qortel Capabilities




We combine DiSC principles and an automated behavioral interviewing process to evaluate your candidates natural strengths, aptitude and workplace preferences. The result? Talent that is the perfect fit for the role.


  • Right people. Right Seats. Hire employees who are most likely to thrive, and be happy in their roles with your institution
  • Better Candidates. Less Time. Save time qualifying or ‘weeding out’ applicants through our automated process
  • Easy Process. Great Experience. Create interest in working with your company through an experiential application process
The only behavioral assessment app designed or mortgage call centers. 

Nearly 30% of qualified opportunities are missed, mishandled or not properly followed up on. Qortel helps you take control of your phones by giving you insight into every call and text.

Qortel Dashboard



Check Yourself...

If your phone opportunities power your profitability, then you probably have a challenge or two. Having listened to millions of calls to and from mortgage bankers, Qortel can help. 

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Qortel provides us with a unique view inside of our bankers' phone calls. Never before have we had this type of measurement and The Federal Savings Bank is taking advantage of it. Missed calls and missed opportunities are a thing of the past.

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Mortgage Caller Experience & Phone Compliance Report

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