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Missed Opportunity Alarms = New Customers

Nearly 30% of qualified opportunities are missed, mishandled or not properly followed up on. Qortel mortgage solutions help you take control of your phones by giving you insight into every call and sending you an alarm by text message to every missed opportunity.

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Bridge-It Takes Control of Shared Leads

When a web lead is submitted, Bridge-It calls and/or texts all available loan officers, until connecting with a team member, usually in less than one minute. CRM is updated automatically with all details contained in the original lead and supplemented with the call transcription. If you buy shared leads there is no substitute for Qortel's Bridge-it.

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We saved 2 loans in the first week of service with Qortel. Nothing slips past their call monitoring and alerting service.

Roger Goldstein

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Use the Data in Your Calls and Texts to Drive Great Service

Qortel presents you and your agents with the data and training resources required to properly hire and coach loan officers. Best of all, Qortel manages the process for you.

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Qortel’s Phone Performance Summaries paint a clear picture for every member of our team. Knowing where and when to focus training makes all the difference in the learning curve.

Eric Andersen

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